Barbecuing along the Saar

Ideal when the weather is fine: Barbecuing or suspended grilling is also allowed at the Staden or on the Burbacher Wiesen meadows. 

Provided certain regulations are observed, citizens are allowed to barbecue and use suspended grills at the Staden or on the Burbacher Wiesen meadows. At the same time, citizens wishing to spend a few quiet hours down by the Saar can also have a good time - without being disturbed by other people’s smoke. 

The areas at a glance

Central district:

  • At the Staden: Lawn area along the Saar below the junction between Obere Lauerfahrt/Am Staden, 
  • So-called Bird Island (Vogelinsel)
  • St. Arnual leisure amenities Lawn area along the Saar
  • Bürgerpark Hafeninsel: Area within the so-called triangle by the CineStar 

West district:

  • Burbacher Saar meadows: Law area between the banks of the Saar and the accompanying riverside path


In doing so, the following rules are to be observed

  • Solely common commercially available gas or charcoal grills may be used that must stand on legs to ensure sufficient space between the embers and the turf.
  • So-called disposable barbecues are not allowed, since they are placed directly on the ground and therefore damage the turf.
  • Open fires are prohibited as a matter of principle.
  • A minimum distance of ten metres from vegetation and trees is to be observed.
  • The barbecue area is to be constantly supervised and completely extinguished afterwards.
  • All refuse, including the grill ashes is to be disposed of. It should be remembered in doing so that the grill ashes may still contain smouldering embers. These are to be extinguished. A suitable metal container must be brought along.

The designated barbecue areas fulfil specific criteria. They are situated at least 50 metres from the nearest building. The green areas are sufficiently large to ensure that other uses are not hindered or impeded by barbecuing. No valuable vegetation is located in the immediate vicinity. The barbecue facilities are within easy view to ensure the greatest possible public and/or social monitoring.


Special containers are provided to allow disposal of the hot ashes.

Until 2013, barbecuing was absolutely prohibited by the State capital police regulation in all green spaces and parks in order to protect the public facilities and their recreational value. This was intended to protect local residents and visitors to the green spaces against unwanted smoke as well as damage to vegetation and the lawn.

Interest in public barbecue facilities has markedly increased over the past years. Grilling had actually been done for a long time at the Staden and on the Burbacher meadows. The city has now amended the green areas statute and designated specific areas where barbecuing is allowed. The areas where citizens (m/f) are now with immediate effect allowed to barbecue are signposted accordingly.

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