Barbecue areas

In addition to hiking, jogging or cycling, barbecuing in the wooded areas and along the Saar in Saarbrücken is a popular leisure activity.

Convivial celebrations and barbecuing are possible at a total of nine barbecue areas in Saarbrücken’s urban woods and at designated areas along the Saar. The barbecue huts in the urban woods are particularly suitable for celebrating together for twelve to fifty people. They can be hired from the Urban Greenspace and Cemeteries Office. 

  • Use of the barbecue areas

    The city of Saarbrücken currently maintains eight covered barbecue areas and one open barbecue area, most which are situated in the urban woods. The facilities in the urban woodland district of Dudweiler, in addition to the barbecue area at “Burbacher Waldweiher” pond fall within the Saar forest administration department, southern regional division.

    • Citizens’ use of the barbecue area is free of charge. The State capital only charges a 75-Euro deposit.
    • Prior registration of a barbecue event is necessary in order to avoid double bookings - in your own interests too.
    • Please remember to enquire in good time by telephone about free barbecuing dates.
    • After arranging a date, please make a written request stating your address, the licence plate number of a car and the number of guests at your barbecue. Please refer to the “instructions for assignment of barbecue areas” for the addresses of the barbecue site allocation agencies.
    • Before deciding on a barbecue area, it may be useful to inform yourself about the access routes, state of repair and cleanliness of the facilities.
    • Please remember that you may only drive to the barbecue area in a private car - please also pass this information on to your guests. The barbecue areas in the urban area of Dudweiler (“Im Tierbachtal” and “In der Gehlwiese”) cannot be directly accessed by car. Car parks are located approximately 50 metres away.
    • You will be sent a confirmation as soon as your written request for reservation of a barbecue area is received. 

    Should you notice any shortcomings at the barbecue areas such as fallen trees, damage to the paths, etc., we kindly request that you inform the forest rangers indicated in the “instructions for assignment of barbecue areas”.