Europe Direct Saarbrücken

Europe Direct Saarbrücken is part of a Europe-wide network of EU-information centers.

What is Europe Direct?

Logo Europe Direct Saarbrücken - Europe Direct

Logo Europe Direct Saarbrücken - Europe Direct

Logo Europe Direct Saarbrücken - Europe Direct

The Europe Direct information centers are the connection between the EU and its citizens on a local level. Their task is to inform, and in the case of questions concerning the EU, to help answering those. Their area of operation is their own region. They offer the public the possibility of giving the EU feedback on the European institutions. In the Europe Direct centers, you can find brochures, postcards, maps and informations by the European Commission, the Parliament or the EU agencies.

What does the Network Consist of?

The Europe Direct network consists of

·450 information centers all over the EU

·400 documentation centers focusing on the European universities and on research faculties

·400 experts (Team Europe), responsible for participation in events and for the production of articles

There are currently 46 Europe direct centers in Germany. The Europe Direct Saarbrücken is the only such information center in the Saarland. The closest centers are in Luxembourg, Kaiserslautern, Nancy and Colombey-les-Belles.

More information is available on the interactive map.

Europe near you

The Europe Direct information center Saarbrücken is part of a European network of offices by the EU which offer information about the EU to citizens. The center in Saarbrücken is specialized on work in its own region. You can find the information center in the Town Hall (Bürgeramt St. Johann, 2nd floor). There you can ask questions about the EU, get information about upcoming cultural events, and get all the latest publications by the EU.

Europe Direct Saarbrücken informs citizens about EU-topics as a requirement by the European Commission. The information center answers questions regarding Europe and organizes informational events about European topics. Furthermore, Europe Direct provides you with all of the latest publications by European institutions.

How do I get Information?

All of the information materials provided by Europe Direct Saarbrücken Center can be taken home during office hours. You can take all the sources home for free, you just have to either pick them up at the information center or ask for them via phone or mail. Additionally, you have the possibility to make an appointment outside of office hours. Special material of some sorts or a big quantity of materials can possibly be available upon request; if Europe Direct Saarbrücken cannot fulfill the request, they will advise you in the best direction on where you could fulfill your request. If you have any questions regarding the EU or if you’re looking for information, we are here to help you!

Newsletter Application

Here you can apply for the monthly Europe Direct Saarbrücken newsletter which includes EU-news as well as information about upcoming events.