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Saarbrücker Sommermusik

Saarbrücker Sommermusik is series of free, high-level concerts combining communication of art with a folk festival flavour.

The festival

Saarquartett. Foto: Thomas Jauk

Those interested in music can look forward to a wide variety of concerts between July and December including chamber music and jazz in addition to the widest array of small musical theatre productions.

Admission to all concerts is free of charge. Through the festival, the State capital wishes to offer as many citizens as possible, both men and women, the possibility of attending the concerts. The Sommermusik venues are scattered across the entire city area and have different characteristics matching the respective performances. 

The series of concerts is intended to bring people face to face with music which they are maybe not yet familiar with and arouse curiosity for the unknown. Many concerts are held as open-air events.