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If you need to visit a dentist or doctor and are still receiving financial assistance from the Social Welfare Office (Sozialamt), you must first apply for a dental or medical treatment voucher (Behandlungsschein für ärztliche bzw. zahnärztliche Behandlung) here:

Regionalverband Saarbrücken
Sozialamt Beratungs- und Informationsstelle des Fachdienst 50 – Soziales
Schlossplatz 6-7
66119 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 681 506-4948
Fax: +49 681 506-5098

Behandlungsschein (Foto: framekit)

Behandlungsschein (Foto: framekit)

As an asylum-seeker, you may receive treatment for pain and other acute medical problems. You are also eligible for any necessary vaccinations or medical examinations/routine check-ups.

Medical treatment without the required voucher is only permitted in case of emergency.

Gesundheitskarte (Foto: framekit)

Gesundheitskarte (Foto: framekit)

If you are receiving financial assistance from the Job Centre, you will switch to a statutory health insurance plan (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung). The insurance company will provide you with an official health insurance identification card (Versichertenkarte).

If you already have family in Germany, your partner and children will be covered under a family health insurance plan. This is called „Familienversicherung“.


Doctor‘s offices will usually have specific times when they see patients. They will not be open late in the evening, at night, or on the weekend. Outside regular hours, you should contact on-call emergency medical services at 116117.

In case of an emergency - such as an accident with injuries, suspected heart attack or stroke – it is important to act fast. In this case, call +49 681 19222.

  • What you should say when you call:
  • Who is calling? From where? What happened? Who is injured? Which injuries do you see?

If you suspect poisoning of any kind, call the University Clinic Emergency Poison Control Centre (Giftnotzentrale der Uniklinik).

+49 6841 1 92 40

We recommend hanging these important telephone numbers in your apartment and saving them in your cellular/mobile phone.

Please note: In Germany, people typically visit a doctor’s office (general practitioner or family doctor) in the area before turning to emergency medical services. Emergency medical services should only be used in the case of serious illness or when a family doctor is not available. Emergency medical service should NOT be used to substitute regular visits to a family doctor.