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Driving a car / driver’s license

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Using your current driver’s license in Germany

You may drive in Germany for up to six months if your driver’s license from your home country is still valid. If your driver’s license from Syria, for example, is still valid, it is a good idea to have it translated into German during these first six months.

If your driver’s license if still valid after six months, you must follow these steps to drive in Germany:

  1. Fill out an application to have your old driver’s license recognized in Germany (Umschreibung eines Führerscheins). You will do this at the Ordnungsamt.

    *Please make sure to mention if you might take any required tests in a language other than German!

  2. Your application will be reviewed. This can take 4-5 weeks or longer.
  3. You will be notified directly once your application has been accepted. Your notification letter will outline any additional requirements or tests you must take.
  4. Because you have probably already done some sort of driver’s training in your home country, you may be allowed to take the driver’s tests without signing up officially with a driving school and completing formal training. This will save you costs.
  5. The theoretical test can be taken at the Führerscheinstelle in Saarbrücken.
  6. As soon as you have met all the requirements as stated in your notification letter, bring any certificates to the Ordnungsamt. There you will receive your driver‘s livense directly.

If you are worried about driving in Germany, contact a driving school in your area anyway. Here you can get help preparing for the theoretical test, practice driving under supervision, and receive certification of practical driving skills. Driving schools typically charge fees for these services.

You can take the theoretical test in Arabic (and in 11 other languages, such as Turkish).

There are many ways to prepare yourself for the test, such as doing an e-Learning program online. These are also available in Arabic.

*Sometimes the Job Centre will pay for a part of the driving school fees – if driving will improve your chances of finding a job. Be sure to ask!

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