As early as the 13th century the Warndt forest was the hunting ground of Saarbrücken's rulers. The grand baroque hunting lodge in Karlsbrunn, now the headquarters of the local forestry commission, is a reminder of this past era.

Karlsbrunn Hunting Lodge

Game, forests and lakes are as attractive to visitors now as they ever were – numerous hiking and cycling routes lead through a delightful recreation area.

Industry has left its marks here too: in Velsen, near Grossrosseln, and a few steps further on in the Carreau Wendel in the French town of Petit-Roselle, you will discover the secrets of the mining industry which dominated local everyday life for generations.

Sights in Großrosseln

  • Velsen Mine
  • Karlsbrunn Hunting Lodge
  • Carreau Wendel
  • Karlsbrunn Game Park
  • Nikolausweiher lake
  • Warndt Forest Recreation Area

Warndt Forest Recreation Area

Warndtweiher Hugenottenweg

The Warndt forest encompasses all the charms the local countryside has to offer. Cross the forest by bicycle or on foot to enjoy boundless hiking in the Saar/Moselle region – 15 hiking routes lead you through the varying scenery of meadows, forests, villages, and the remnants of the mining industry.

One of the most idyllic stretches of the Saarland Cycling Path is the one passing through the Warndt. Signs lead the way past Warndt-Weiher lake, the Karlsbrunn hunting lodge and game park, Nikolausweiher lake and Velsen mine.

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