The development of Friedrichsthal was dominated by the glass industry and later by mining.

Viewing tower of Hoferkopf (396 m)

Viewing tower of Hoferkopf (396 m)

It is worth visiting the miners' houses (all under protection) of the former Maybach mine and the remains of the mining complex in the neighborhood. The Rechtsschutzsaal (Legal Protection Hall) in Bildstock is the oldest testimonial to the trade union movement on the Saar.

The way from the Rechtsschutzsaal leads through woodlands to the Itzenplitzer lake and the neighboring Itzenplitz mine. The Hoferkopf hill offers a panoramic view of the Saarkohlenwald forest.

Sights in Friedrichsthal

  • The Entrance to the Grühling mine shaft
  • Rechtsschutzsaal (Legal Protection Hall)
  • Hoferkopf and Villinger Park
  • Maybach Mine and Estate

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