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Local History Museum “Am Käsborn”, Quierschied

The museum presents themes relating to early industrialization as well as everyday village life, culture and crafts

Local History Museum “Am Käsborn”

Local History Museum “Am Käsborn”

Testimony of the life and work of the middle-class burghers and peasants, history of the advent of electricity in Quierschied, glassworks, mining rescue services in conjunction with the mining hospital, national referendum on the status of the Saar in 1935 in Quierschied, collections on local history, mining tools.

  • Opening hours
    1st + 3rd Sunday every month from 3 pm – 5 pm or by appointment
  • Admission


Heimatmuseum Quierschied
Am Käsborn / Klostergasse
66287 Quierschied

Phone: +49 6897 961195
Fax: +49 6897 961190